Get the most from your subscriptions...

...sign up for a corporate account!

Find out how to save money on multiple subscriptions. Why not let us arrange a package to suit your information needs?


Justify it within your business...

  • Save money on your subscriptions!
    We will be able to arrange a preferential rate for your organisation based on your needs and the range of services you take.
  • Your accounts team will only need to process one invoice
    Not only will we save your colleagues the admin trouble of renewing their subscriptions, but rather than having to deal with payments and signing off of multiple invoices, there will only be one invoice to process. We can even code your invoices to your particular cost centres.
  • Make sure each individual has the information they need
    Everyone's information needs are very individual. Different people work in different ways. But through a corporate account we can ensure that each person is provided with the information services they need to help them work to the best of their ability.
  • It's so easy to set up
    The feedback we initially get from customers is that they worry it will take a lot of work to convert their current subscriptions to a corporate account. The process though is really simple. We already have your list of subscribers and will agree this with you and your company first. Once that is done, we manage the rest. No further trouble to you or your colleagues! It couldn't be easier.